Quality Policy

OMADA is implementing an International Quality Management System according to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100.

In compliance with the requirements of these International Standards, OMADA has established its Quality Policy and has set Quality Objectives for achieving the intended results of its quality management system.

Through our Quality Management System, our Company is demonstrating its commitment to:

• Treat customers and external providers with due consideration, sincerity and consistency.
• Offer its customers value-for-money, high-quality translation services.
• Focus on its customers’ needs and demands, promptly attending to their complaints and satisfying their desires and requirements.
• Comply with any relevant legal requirements.
• Invest on the training and development of its people.
• Encourage and motivate its employees’ creativity.
• Constantly improve the quality of its services with the active participation of its employees and of other interested parties.
• Constantly improve its performance and efficiency, making better use of its resources.
• Define, monitor and measure quality objectives for critical processes and process steps (sub-processes) and evaluate the effectiveness of its processes and of its quality management system.
• Modernize its work processes in order to meet increasing demands in a constantly shifting professional environment.
• Resolve customer complaints and/or nonconformities timely and in a professional manner.
• Define potential threats and opportunities which have an impact on the effectiveness of its QMS and on the satisfaction of its customers.

According to the above, anyone in the company is committed to making use of the training provided and also by the means that are put in its disposal of observing the Processes of Quality Management System and of contributing in its constant improvement.

This Quality Policy is reviewed at least once a year and it is communicated to all interested parties.

(Read the Quality Policy in PDF format)