OMADA is now using XTRF

We are proud to announce the successful beta application of the XTRF™ translation management system (TMS) into our supply chain and vendor network. XTRF provides translation project and workflow management in addition to accounting features and quote administration services.

XTRF Language Business Platform is a translation management system highly customizable to meet a company’s needs in successfully completing a translation project. It is a powerful tool that offers a practical business solution by minimizing project delivery times, efficiently assigning different vendors to each job, and organizing the entire process in a fast and task-oriented manner.

This new technology will benefit our clients by helping our vendors increase their efficiency and improve productivity through the elimination of production errors and improving data flow. The application of XTRF is one more step to the fulfillment of our commitment to our clients by streamlining our workflow, thus improving project results.

Features of the platform include improved visibility including guidelines, instructions, and guidance to vendors, as well as synchronization of pending, active and completed projects. Within minutes of OMADA creating a translation project request, all connected vendors can be informed of the request via email. This way, all the XTRF users can easily access OMADA’s projects and download projects instantly.

OMADA will be adding its whole database of vendors during the next weeks, with personal emails to vendors to introduce the platform, along with articles about its features and benefits and tips about how they can access out platform to simplify workflow, increase production and improve quality processes. To request information about the XTRF platform, email OMADA at info[at]

  • About OMADA:
    OMADA is Greek translation service provider, enabling companies to enter the Greek and European market, by providing high-quality translation and other language-related services. Our solutions include localization, internationalization, technical translation, content creation, and workflow consulting. OMADA maintains its headquarters in Athens, Greece. To learn more, please visit
  • About XTRF Management Systems:
    XTRF Management Systems is a producer and seller one of the most recognizable, popular and best-of-breed Translation Management System (TMS) designed for translation companies of every size, in‑house corporate language departments, and public organizations. XTRF is a cloud-based solution to manage the entire lifecycle of project operations from request to delivery. Learn more at

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